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About Nick

Artist | Sculptor - Nicholas A. Poleschuk Jr.I was born and raised in Michigan. I moved to Rochester, Minnesota after graduating from college with a degree in Engineering. I met my wife in Rochester where we currently live and have raised our four children here.

Throughout my life I have had a love for hobbies including woodworking, photography, fishing, leather work, sculpting eggshells and many more. Each of these hobbies has taught and continues to teach me new techniques which I use when creating my work.

My involvement with Boy Scouts provided me opportunities to be out in nature with my son and other scouts, learning to see nature’s wonders. In 2008 my son and I along with other members from our Troop did a trek in Philmont. An experience I will never forget.

Membership in the Rochester Woodcarvers Club and the International Egg Art Guild provides an outlet for my creative endeavors.

Poleschuk Logo                  Poleschuk Studios Logo Image

My logo was created by a very talented artist and graphic designer, Sandy Hokanson, based on a picture I took of my son fishing at Many Point Scout Camp. The logo reminds me of what I love: my family, fishing and sculpting emu eggshells.

One Response to “About Nick”

  • Ronald Wandler:

    Saw you on KSTP last night. I have some white emu eggs, would you be interested in purchasing them?