• Does an Art Education Matter? July 11, 2024
    Whenever I’m talking to artists about their biographies or resumes, the question of art education, or lack thereof, often comes up. Artists who have completed extensive academic training want to know how best to leverage that training to build their credibility. Artists who don’t have formal training, want to know if it will hurt their […]
    Jason Horejs
  • To Title or Not to Title Your Art, That Is the Question July 9, 2024
    Last week I received an email from an artist asking about titling her work. This is one of the more common topics I discuss with artists. I understand that titling your artwork can become tiresome, and many artists feel that a title can get in the way of the artwork. Do titles really matter? Can […]
    Jason Horejs
  • Should Artists Present Artwork in Bins at Art Shows, or is it a Distraction? July 7, 2024
    In the comments on a recent post about giving buyers too many choices, artist Eric Saint Georges asked, In a show: What about the bins? Would you also limit the... The post Should Artists Present Artwork in Bins at Art Shows, or is it a Distraction? appeared first on RedDotBlog.
    Jason Horejs

Nicholas A. Poleschuk, Jr.’s Work On Display In The Front Window At SEMVA During April

My eggshell carvings are on display in the front window of SEMVA, 16 First Street, SW, Rochester, MN  55902, on the Peace Plaza across from Barnes and Noble. The work displayed includes my latest piece, “Elephant Petroglyph Ostrich Eggshell Cup”. This piece is a companion to my “Diepkloof Ostrich Eggshell Cup” currently on display at the Pump House Regional Art Center, 119 King Street, La Crosse, WI. The SEMVA display runs through the month of April.

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