• What Kind of Artwork Sells Best? April 19, 2021
    I'm often asked what kind of artwork sells best - traditional or contemporary, paintings or sculpture, large or small works? On its face, this is a pretty easy question to answer - all I have to do is look over my sales records to see which media and subjects have been selling the best. We're […]
    Jason Horejs
  • Ask a Gallery Owner | Should Artists Seek an Agent to Represent Them? April 15, 2021
    I recently received the following email asking about artists’ agents: Dear Jason, I have joined a discussion line on LinkedIn and we are discussing the pros and cons of hiring... The post Ask a Gallery Owner | Should Artists Seek an Agent to Represent Them? appeared first on RedDotBlog.
    Jason Horejs
  • Artistic Productivity | Cornerstone of a Successful Art Career April 12, 2021
    Having spent over 20 years in the gallery business, I’ve noticed a key common trait of financially successful artists: they are constantly in the studio, hard at work. I would describe these artists as productive and prolific. The realities of the art market today are such, that in order to generate regular sales and establish […]
    Jason Horejs

Nicholas A. Poleschuk, Jr.’s Work On Display In The Front Window At SEMVA During April

My eggshell carvings are on display in the front window of SEMVA, 16 First Street, SW, Rochester, MN  55902, on the Peace Plaza across from Barnes and Noble. The work displayed includes my latest piece, “Elephant Petroglyph Ostrich Eggshell Cup”. This piece is a companion to my “Diepkloof Ostrich Eggshell Cup” currently on display at the Pump House Regional Art Center, 119 King Street, La Crosse, WI. The SEMVA display runs through the month of April.

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